Our Business

First Global Capital is a leader in Sub-saharan African investment focused on medium scale enterprises in Sub-Saharan Africa.

We maintain international presence and strong local penetrations, allowing us global fund access and studied local disbursement. Our core sectors of interest include Real Estate, Construction Finance, Media, Oil and Gas and Brand Expansion for consumer products and services. We have injected $millions in the West African Sub-region since 1999.

OUR Values

We adhere to strict compliance with global rules and regulations, especially with regards to illicit funds and underhanded practices. We maintain a robust review of transactions to prevent corruption, bribery and monery laundering. We maintain compliance with applicable EU laws, American regulations and the rules of the Security and Exchange Commission of Nigeria, and also full respect to the applicable laws in each country we invest in within Africa. We believe that business done the right way helps everyone in the long run, safeguarding investment for capital sources and ensuring a better society in Africa.

FGC People

Our staff are dogged and thorough and are selected especially for their committment to creative analysis of business, local market know how and capacity to contribute to the insurance of business growth in the areas we invest in. They are vetted for business acumen as well as analytical prowess. Beyond this integrity is key.


Founded by a son of the soil and with over 20years of professional experience, we run a solid ship.


Our approach to investors is to seek honest partnerships founded on a true alignment of vision and interest. This is achieved through transparency in all dialogue.

We seek to understand the ideological interests and economic expectations of our investors and communicate honestly how our interests align.


Our approach is to find owners who are interested in brand development since this is a core expertise of ours, allowing us to play a synergetic role in their success.

We avoid interferance but encourage dialogue and exchange of ideas. Transparency is key to any partnership and we seek this above all else in any business leader we partner with.


We search for opportunities that serve a visible need and not just trade transactions. We review each business for its impact and potential and the social and economic profile of its industry, market and nation.

We prefer to invest in essential opportunities, with a proven track record of success by the players.

Our commitment to success pushes us to seek:

    Synergy with our management and investors
  • Strong corporate governance, community ties, environment and social responsibility on the part of businesses
  • Mutual benefits over the entire lifecycle of an investment
  • A predictable exit with a fail safe mechanism



TheHotel, a statement in boutique hotels.

Success comes in all sizes

In 2009 we made an investment in TheHotel at a value of $1.5million dollar, by our exit in 2015 the hotels valuation was about $10million and net revenue topped $3million per annum .

Go to TheHotel Site

Investment Professionals

As an investment professional you will be key to opportunities scouting, potential analysis, due diligence, successful implimentations, activites and enterprise oversight and profitable exists. We seek integral, creative, passionate and disciplined people who love adventure but also keen on details and instruction.


  • Finance (Accounting, Auditing and Planning)
  • Administration (Executive and Clerical)
  • Scouting and Market Awareness
  • Human Resources and Personnel Management
  • ICT, Platforms and Infrastructure
  • Client Services and Investor Relations
  • Legal and Compliance
  • Operations

We appreciate education but also experience and an evident body of work in enterprise or investment management.

Feel free to send a CV/Resume to careers@fgcapital.com.

Make sure to include a passport photograph and a cover letter. We will contact you at any recruitment opportunity.